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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Close-up look at all sides of a Indian Chief and Prancer Box

Before I head into the next decades I thought I would share some photos I took while at a live show yesterday. These photos show all sides of the Indian Brave and pinto pony box. The set belongs to collector Robin Roberts, also known as the Fury Lady.

This first image shows the front of the picture box. Here is the image of the Brave and his horse set in a scene. And hey parents, did you know this Chief's arrows not only really can be launched, but that they are harmless? This toy reminds me so much of an action figure I got my sister for Christmas when we were small and we spent all of Christmas shooting the "harmless" arrows at my parents and the video camera my father was trying to operate!

This next image was printed on both the left and right sides of the box and has a witty phrase to catch shopper's attention. Complete with Native American symbols in red. 

This next image shows the box bottom, which lets you know this is another Breyer Creation. Mastercrafts clocks had this same slogan on their box.   A common phrase at the time?
And finally the top of the box, which lets you know which color combination is in the box you picked out. This particular box has none of the little boxes check marked. Either time has worn away the mark or this box had a surprise in it!

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  1. Oh I just found your blog fomr your sig on blab.. this is a cool pic of the horse and indian and arrows?? darn it! I wanted to see them too!
    Rebecca Turner
    SolticeArt Studio